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The Fallen One, an original adaptation of La Traviata
Saturday August 12th, 7:30 p.m. | Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Produced in collaboration with leading American and international artists

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The Fallen One
True Love Is Tragic ... And Forever!

The Fallen One is an original adaptation of La Traviata, the opera masterpiece written by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1853.

The Fallen One is about a beautiful young woman (Violetta) who lives as a mistress to men of wealth and power. Violetta falls in love with Alfredo, a young man from a leading family, who woos Violetta with the sincerest of affection. Against better advice, Violetta chooses to leave the wealth and security that is hers as a privileged mistress in the hopes of knowing true love.

But tragedy soon befalls Violetta and Alfredo because they have broken the taboos of a powerful, but corrupt society, for whom Violetta must remain a whore. Violetta is forced to choose between having Alfredo (while ruining his future and family) or giving up Alfredo by pretending to return to her former way of life (as Alfredo’s father begs her to do). In agony, Violetta chooses the latter and the story climaxes as Alfredo seeks revenge upon the “whore” who has played him for a fool. Alfredo humiliates Violetta in public and Violetta dies afterward of a broken heart and spirit.

Too late, Alfredo learns the truth of Violetta’s unspeakable sacrifice and is driven mad by grief and rage. But from the ashes of this catastrophe, Alfredo eventually recovers his sanity, returns to lead his family to great fortune, and upon his own death, is reunited with Violetta in the heavens - as two newly born stars that sparkle and dance in the night sky!

Original Adaptation

The Fallen One is an original adaptation of the opera masterpiece, La Traviata. The original story, music, and form of La Traviata have been adapted to tell the most compelling tale possible to a modern audience.

Story: The original story has been reworked to tell an ancient tale of true love that is capable of resonating with the modern soul.

Music: The original music has been shortened and the sequence of certain pieces changed.

Form: An additional character and voice (in English) have been added to the opera in the form of a narrator akin to the chorus of ancient Greek drama.

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