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The Fallen One, an original adaptation of La Traviata
Saturday August 12th, 7:30 p.m. | Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Produced in collaboration with leading American and international artists

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Helping Southern California Patrons Understand the Rich
History of Opera

History Giacomo Puccini
History Maria Callas La Traviata
History Verdi by Giovanni Boldini

Movies and stage musicals can put on quite a show for an audience, but there’s nothing that matches the spectacle of a live opera. When you combine grandiose scenery, breathtaking musical performances and colorful costumes, you get an experience that treats the audience to a full spectrum of emotional sensations. If you’ve never attended a production from a professional operatic company, you owe it to yourself to take in one of these multisensory extravaganzas. PrimaVera Opera stages performances in the Los Angeles area, and we’re ready to help you learn more about this historic art form.

A Spectacle for the Ages

The history of opera dates back to the latter part of the Renaissance, as the first known examples were performed in Florence at the turn of the 17th century. Innovators of the time were fascinated by the notion of reviving antiquated art forms, and operas emerged out of the efforts to revisit traditional Greek dramas. As humanity continued to progress into the modern area, appreciation of this theatrical genre grew to the point where every major European city had its own grandiose opera house to stage performances. Notable performances included Maria Callas’ portrayal of Violetta in La Traviata, one of the most well-known of Verdi’s compositions. While Verdi is widely regarded as the greatest composer for Italian opera, others such as Giacomo Puccini contributed to the growth and popularity of opera as we know it today. Operatic performers were so well regarded that some were even immortalized in paintings by famous artists such as Giovanni Boldini. Today’s operatic companies continue to innovate by using technology such as video boards that project the actors with translated subtitles to keep audiences involved.

A Short Drive From Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Orange County

If you live in Los Angeles or any neighboring cities in Orange County or Ventura County, plan an evening with PrimaVera Opera and prepare to be amazed. Once you’ve experienced our take on one of the classics from the annals of opera history, you’ll gain a new appreciation for this truly unique art form.

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